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Wetwang Cricket Club


Wetwang CC 34 Armistice Park
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO25 5AN

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07799 154425

Wetwang Cricket Club

Shed improvement and making it water tight

Help improve our equipment shed! The shed is ready for some much TLC to help protect our very important mowers and our other needed equpment!

Funded to date: £0
£200 needed to reach goal of £200
0% funded
2 months & 7 days left
Finishes on 31-03-2021

The shed is something we really to sort the main reason is to water tighten the shed because at the moment the roof has so many leaks which is causing damage inside the shed which affects the sheds flooring and more importantly the mowers! The mower are so important to us because we are cricket club and we need them working and not to getting water damaged! With a new roof we can solve this problem and then move onto in the inside of the shed which will be replacing the flooring which has been damaged from the wetness and also it's very old horrible carpet in it. 

The second reason is we are trying to improve the area around Wetwang CC pitch and at the minute it's in a poor looking condition. We want to replace wooden parts and repaint on the new to make it look a lot newer and lot more attractive. This will encourage more people to come up to this pitch and use the facilite for their family time etc.

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856