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The Roaring Girls


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The Roaring Girls

It Takes A Village Artist Support

It Takes A Village is an artist support programme focussed on community and collaborations, offering a unique opportunity for emerging artists to receive a bespoke package of support and mentorship from Hull based theatre company The Roaring Girls. This project will inspire local young people's interest in devising as a way of making theatre, strengthen local artists' skills, and forge connections to a network of theatre makers in the region.

Funded to date: £0
£4,544 needed to reach goal of £4,544
0% funded
Finished on 01-09-2021

We’re looking to find £4,544 to fund a key part of our artist development strand in the Autumn 2021. This will connect to a creative strand - the making of our next show and two weeks of performances.

The budget for these two strands comes to a total over £89,000, of which £66,887 we are aiming to receive from the Arts Council England, and over £6,000 will come in the form of in kind support - including from our partner, the University of Hull.

The £4,544 we are hoping to raise from the I AM fund will be directly targeted at the costs of delivering development opportunities for young people in the area, and to increase participation in the arts. This will take the form of: - one of the artist support packages we are offering, specifically earmarked to develop local talent in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire, as an investment in local talent; - costs to invite artists supported by this project into The Roaring Girls’ rehearsals; - a fee for two company assistants - offered as paid internships, totalling five weeks in total; - planning and delivery of two ‘Introduction to Devising’ workshops, aiming to increase participation in the arts.

For a fully detailed budget, please get in touch - we're happy to provide more information if required.


The Roaring Girls are a Hull-based theatre company creating work that is fierce, feminist, & fun. We have a track record of creating high quality devised work - working collaboratively and creatively to break down broad social topics into a relatable conversation. Paul Smith, Artistic Director of Middle Child, on our recent show Beach Body Ready : “This is what theatre is for. Live, loud, fun, tough & world-changing.”

As the company has grown we have  increasingly incorporated development opportunities to students and emerging artists - including offering devising workshops at the University of Hull, offering a paid internship position as company assistant on our most recent project, and incorporating work experience opportunities into our projects.We’ve also worked to create work with young people at Hull Truck Theatre, guiding them through devising work in their own voices resulting in a show called When Everything Stops.

Our intention with this project is to lay the foundation for an ongoing artist support programme which can grow over the coming years in scale and scope, building a network of devising theatre makers in the region. As the highest profile company in the area making work in this way, we are keen to nurture the next generation of collaborative theatre makers, and as we grow as a company and are able to offer more support and more expertise.


ITAV is about community and collaborations, a unique opportunity for those who don’t have the resources or connections that they need to kickstart their project. Those successful will be mentored and given the space, time and resources in a bespoke package of support curated by TRG. This is for theatre makers or for arts workers who want to diversify their approach to theatre by devising work.

We've identified a growth in the amount of artist support and opportunities for development within the city of Hull for companies and their practitioners who work with writers, as well as opportunities for playwrights. As creatives who's work is created through a devising process, we're keen to provide opportunities and support for theatre makers who work without a writer, or who want to try something new. This project will also incorporate 'intro to devising' workshops for school and sixth form students to encourage and inspire the exploration of less traditional routes into making theatre and performance. 

Especially at this time, when theatres are beginning to re-open and work can slowly take place again, but many small companies have been unable to survive the pandemic, we feel it is crucially important to support emerging artists, providing them with opportunities to develop their practice and build support networks, and be paid fairly for their time. 

It Takes A Village will award two artists £1500 each to spend two weeks exploring ideas, trying something out, and learning new skills - this may be used to form part of the research and development of a specific project, but there is no requirement for the Artis's aims to be clearly oriented towards creating a show - it can solely be on their own professional development. We are partnering with other local artists to provide mentorship, and the University of Hull to provide space to meet, play, and create.

One of these awards will be for an emerging artist, under the age of 25, based in Hull of East Yorkshire. The other will be open nationally, though targeted to those based in the North of England.

This artist development strand is woven into our own development of a show that we are currently working on - a cabaret inspired show all about menstruation in all it's bloody glory, called Two Girls, One Mooncup, which aims to open conversations about periods and tackle the stigma and shame often associated with them. Two company assistants - paid internships offered to students and recent graduates - will support the company across both strands of our work, providing paid opportunities for learning on-the-job skills. We will also be inviting the artists who receive the awards into our rehearsals.


Our aim is that this project will act as a pilot for us to build and exciting and innovative programme of artist support, which we can weave into our creative activity - this benefits the company as The Roaring Girls continually have opportunities to work with exciting new artists, and support for the creation of our work through internships and a growing network - and it benefits the artists who take part in the programme as they learn new skills and forge new relationships, and grow in the safe and supportive environment we cultivate together. We will also build on the workshops aimed at young people - initially we are offering these through schools, youth centres like The Warren, and the university, but hope to expand on this, building a education strand of our work that feeds directly into the professional development opportunities. This will offer not only a chance to learn something new, and to be inspired to create and collaborate, but signpost practical and accessible routes into professional theatre work.

This project will be evaluated through talk-back evaluation sessions with participants and mentors, as well as through simple anonymous feedback forms distributed to all our freelance workers. Educational workshops will be evaluated through discussions with teachers or group leaders, as well as encouraging honest feedback from participants. We will collect data on numbers of applicants and participants. This feedback will enable us to not only improve the quality of the opportunities we offer, but also analyse who we are reaching, and how we can break down barriers to make such a project more accessible and attractive to a diverse range of artists.

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