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Pride in Hull


101 Greenwood Avenue North Hull ,
East Riding of Yorkshire

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Pride in Hull

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Supporting those in our LGBT+ community who needs us the most - wrap around support = sign posting, food parcels and advice and information.

Funded to date: £0
£5,000 needed to reach goal of £5,000
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11 months & 22 days left
Finishes on 15-10-2021

Pride in Hull would like to create this project to bring parts of the community together to share the notion of community cohesion and equality by bring them together and making them stronger in the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic in a creative way. We would like to develop the family area of the main pride event and also enhance our inclusion offer to minority groups such as those with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and emotional health needs. We would like to be creative in how we approach specific communities and enable more people to experience our event in a different way. This project will also help secure our intentions to develop the charity beyond the main event and these funds will help us consult with those targeted groups.

Pride in Hull is changing the way we work with those in our community, we recently changed our charity objectives to enable us to provide more on going community based support, led by the needs of the community. For example; advocacy,  food parcels, sign posting, work experience, networking and so on. 

In light of the pandemic we want to make sure that people feel safe and comfortable attending large events and explore how we can connect in a different and creative ways. We know that the main stage event is not everyone cup of tea, and we want to offer a place of inclusivity and safety like the family area, welfare area and a new sensory area. We are looking to enhance our offer of the disability platform by adding visual enhancements and hearing enhancements. As part of this offer is ensuring we have BSL interpreters for those hard of hearing to ensure the event as much as everyone else. When engaging with those who will attend this will form part of our community engagement which will underpin our growth strategy, this strategy is to help us grow beyond a once day event.  

The family are we are wanting to enhancing this provision by providing a safe creative space focusing on "proud of being you", we see this as a place to be really creative through arts and crafts, theatre, poetry and dancing. We want to engage with families around there support needs beyond our main event each year.  

The difference our project will make is huge to those people who feel isolated and bring them to an event that welcomes difference, embrace the challenges of getting those people to the main event and allowing them to feel and be included. It will allow us to embrace the views of those that we will be reaching our to throughout the year. 

Those who will benefit from this project will be children and young people with learning difficulties, vulnerable adults and minority groups such as the BAME groups and LGBT groups. 

Preparation and planning for this event will be around 6 months as we would like to engage with those specific group but this will lead to one day event. We will aim to write and finalise our growth strategy within the following 6 months and an action plan showing what people wanted and needed and how Pride in Hull responded.   

Pride in Hull has a huge public following and we would reach out via social media, though local forums and services to let people know about this project. 

We will use all the leaning from the engagement to shape the event an from this we will work with volunteers to ensure this learning is carried on through to further events to ensure they are more inclusive and accessible to these groups and look to offer more support in many forms throughout the year. 

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856