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Leven Playing Field Association


4 The Meadows
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 5LX

Sports Hall North Street
HU17 5NF

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07979 768635

Leven Playing Field Association


This is part of an ongoing community initiative to improve and encourage Health and Well being through active

Funded to date: £3,000
£41,500 needed to reach goal of £44,500
6% funded
7 months & 21 days left
Finishes on 17-03-2022

Leven Playing Field Association have owned the site at North Street, Leven since 1963. Prior to this, various

organisations were formed, from as early as 1955, serving to promote sporting activities within the

community and it was these organisations that evolved into the current Association. The site developed

greatly over the ensuing decades with the current Sports Hall building constructed in 1973 and extended in

1997 through the gaining of various grants and fund-raising activities. Further improvements and extension

of the play areas and external facilities have also been undertaken up to five years ago.

The Association is a registered charity (523264) which relies largely on the efforts of the management

committee and local volunteers as it serves to provide sporting and social facilities for the community of

Leven and surrounding areas.

Amongst the long-standing tenants of the Association are Leven Members Club (Sports and Social Club),

Leven Pre-School (Nursery and After School Club and Leven Scouts, together with sporting clubs facilitating

football, netball, karate, indoor and outdoor bowls to name but four sporting disciplines.

Objectives and Activities

1) Encourage Team Sport to develop social skills to take into adulthood

2) To Provide Amateur sports facilities

3) Improve health and Well Being through providing Healthy Choices

4) To help members of the general public in Leven and surrounding areas

5) To provide buildings, facilities and open space

6) Continue to provide and improve facilities that meet current regulations

At the end of 2019 after holding meetings with community groupsand sposrts club users it was identified that

through the success of the various schemes had resulted in an all-time high in terms of rents, lets and

bookings of the facilities which has highlighted deficiencies in the infrastructure of the Sports Hall grounds.

It was noted that an increased numbers of interested users elderly and less able users required the provision

of increase spaces to meet individual needs, so that they can benefit enjoy facilities fully.

Through virtual meetings speaking with current and potential future users discussions were around what

was require to continue improvements around our sporting facilities along with feedback from users which


Our village is growing with new housing projects currently ongoing .

One already constructed, another recently started under construction, one phase planning permission. In

total nearly 200 new homes will be built. We anticipate this will increase demand on our current facilities

further in future years

We have listened to members of Social/ Netball/ Football/ Tennis Sports Groups along with the community

on the


Concerns were raised around the number of cars having to use the road outside of the current car park,

which are creating a hazard on the road during peak usage.

Many less abled felt that thier needs were not being considerd due to lack of disabled parking spaces,

which led to them feeling excluded from community groups, giving them less chance of being able to

benefit by attending certain social groups

After holding meeetings with current users, and speaking to groups considering using or booking facilities.

It was agreed that our next project should focus on approaching and rectifying these concerns

• Car Park is s uneven and prone to flooding

• Insufficient Parking Bays

Design of current car inadequate

1. Tarmac current loose gravel area

2. Mark bays within the area to increase improve parking

3. Create additional spaces on adjacent land to provide iadditional improve disabled parking

Improve existing parking facilities for current and increased users l usage which has increased by over 30%

over past two years brought about by successfully refurbishment of Play Park. New MUGA plus the addition

of new housing of 70+15+115 new homes, also looking ahead expansion of houses being proposed build in

and around rural villages

How improve the car park:

• Installing a fully drained area to reduce flooding

• New tarmac surfacing

• New layout to prevent use of car park by joyriders and newly marked parking bays

• The new layout and surfacing of the car park will encourage greater use of facilities and improve

access for car users who

• Will use funding to carry out improvements to car park

• Including resurfacing and creating priority parking for people with mobility difficulties

A small group who originally came together to raise funds to Refurbish Play Park, joined up

with the Charity owners Leven Playing Field Association to work together to refurbish our Play Park, which:

Kathleen Noble 2 / 14

RWFCFO1\100003• Brought people within our community together

• Built stronger relationships

• Which have led to continuous improving of our surrounding

• Given individuals the chance to contribute in any capacity they wish

Over the past three/four years we have worked to and continiue to improve our shared facilities

1) Play Park Refurbishment completed September 2018.

After successfully running a community supported fundraising campaign which resulted in the whole

community working together to refurbish our Play Park, involving wide variation of age groups and

business in the community working together, it was discussed through meetings and our fundraising

webpage and agreed that these groups would continue working together to identify how we could improve

physical activities facilities to include to a larger audience.

2) Completed March 2019

The Development of three macadam tennis courts, to a MUGA was identified as an top priority. The courts,

whilst still used periodically are in a unsatisfactory condition and needed to be updated and brought up to

current Health Safety Standard. Completed March 2019

3) Refurbishment Toilets Completed in April 2019

Refit outdated toilets and provided new sporting equipment

Have now replaced outdated toilet, so that they can serve to be used by a larger increase of users of our

Sports Hall

4) Refurbishment of Changing Rooms - Completed November 2020

With  support and funding and by working within the Community we can: • Continue better use of current

space by creating somewhere that meets the needs of the community

Make improvements that will compliment add to to the improvements already made to the site • A place

for the whole community to be proud and part of. • Provide something that

has been identified by the broader community across the board as a priority to their need

• Any member of the community wanting to voice their views are invited to come along to our meetings.

Community throughout the village and surrounding areas will be made to feel involved, by actively seeking

their views

Continue seeking option and views with Village Schools clubs and community by holding meetings and

sending out updates to ask for views on how we can continue to working together to improve and maintain

our surroundings.

Our community continues to work at improving our community facilities.

How will your project relate to or complement any other community or Council funded initiatives and/

or activities/provision in your parish?

Our aim is to continue to improve area adjacent to the main playing field which is used for various sports

and community events.

Increase the numbers of those less mobile to use the sports hall to enable interaction and help elevate


Improvements already made have shown to have a great impact on community involvement in whats

happening in and around them and working together to succeed in making better use of our community

facilities we are priveledged to have.

Our Sports Hall which is adjacent to both the Play Park and new Multi Use Games Area, are booked and

used not only by the village of Leven but also surrounding area.

The new Multi Games has provided additional recreation sports facility, to help provide more physical well

being to a greater number. Giving more choices to individuals to meet their individual needs

Continuous community effort to continue working on Leven Playing Field Site and Sports Club area

We continue to keep the community updated through our fundraising face-book page and our village

face-book page.

We also place updates in village Newsletter produced quarterly. Plus make use of local Media

We want to continue to work together to continue to grow and bring our community together by providing

friendly pleasant surroundings, that will make people want to return. The Hall is used by local community

for a variety of activities, the improved facilities will benefit exiting and new users.

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856