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Howden AFC


c/o Gosschalks Queens Gardens
East Riding of Yorkshire

c/o Howden School & Technology Centre Derwent Road
East Riding of Yorkshire
DN14 7AL

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07749 127574


Howden AFC

Access Road Works

Howden AFC require the upgrade of access to our Sports Facilities. We want to create an accessible road for both traffic, cyclists and pedestrians. We envisage to expand and increase footfall as we develop and an upgrade to the road is imperative to our development.

Funded to date: £18,383
£131,617 needed to reach goal of £150,000
12% funded
5 months & 24 days left
Finishes on 10-03-2022

Howden AFC are looking to improve the Sport's facilities in the town of Howden. We have a long term objective to provide sports facilities that the community and surrounding area can be proud of.  Currently, Howden lacks in providing sports facilities. At Howden AFC we want to make a change. Not only for the benefit and growth of the football club, but the committee is keen to enhance areas for more sports and local community use by creating a central hub in Howden.As part of the development, the current road leading to the football club's sport's pitches is a single carriageway that has developed over time, but merely is a track. The current road can only be used during dry summer months (April - September) as we have no firm parking facilities on the field. We feel the need to improve the road is imperative to provide safe access and cope with the increase of club members. But also as part of the creation of a clubhouse, the access road is an important aspect of enabling works.

The proposal would be to widen the road, so we can allow cars to pass easily when entering and leaving the sports field. This is a common issue as we have staggered training and match times, so the road is heavily congested during changeovers. The road would also need a provision for a pedestrian footpath to allow visitors and members to walk to the facility, in a safe manor. Currently we have no clear footpath and it is a risk to anybody who choses to walk to site. We'd also envisage a cycle path would be beneficial to enable safe access and encourage more local users of the facility, to cycle. 

We would look to utilise the project to install utility provisions for the future club house development and ensure the drainage is installed, ready for future works. The project also will create a much safer entrance and exit onto Station Road as part of the work, with the entrance gates widening to suit.

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856