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HU4 Community Network Group

Community garden - Dragon Park HULL

The purpose of HU4 is to support the residents of Boothferry Estate to thrive. Campaigning upon the Boothferry Estate and speaking to many many residents regarding what they felt was really needed to improve there lives, the overwhelming response was for somewhere to meet to be able to get advice, be it medical, social, parenting classes etc.
We collected over 600 names on a petition asking for facilities to be made available on Boothferry Estate. this petition was sent to the local mp who presented it in the House of Commons asking the Government to release funds to HCC to build facilities on the Estate, this was refused.
Hu4 was formed to show that what they had asked for was deserved, that which every community in the city had except Boothferry Estate. To see a registered organisation back the community, in there fight for facilities within the Estate and that someone was fighting there corner, meant that at last someone was listening and cared about them, the Estate has nothing to for the residents to meet.
We have over 1350 followers on our facebook page

Funded to date: £0
£2,000 needed to reach goal of £2,000
0% funded
9 months & 1 day left
Finishes on 04-02-2022

 Before Hu4 became involved on the Estate no organisation, community group had done anything on the park other than the Council cutting the grass.

The improvement in Dragon Park since HU4 started transforming the park from neglected overgrown green space has been nothing short of stupendous.

We have so far since February 2020, refurbished and painted raised beds, filled them with differing varieties of herbs / flowers. The purpose of this has been demonstrate that by working together the area can be transformed and greatly improved, this brings the community together combats loneliness, supports mental health and offers people the chance to become involved in there community.

We have implemented litter picking teams including a junior team to keep the park tidy, strim  grass verges, paint the wooden excerise apparatus frames, and generally keep the project tidy, this has helped create volunteer roles, improve peoples mental health, give people the opportunity to mix with members of their community. Cut down overgrown branches that could cause injury to visitors to the park and maintain the park within our remit.

An old Cherry Tree transformed into a wish tree for the community was a huge success especially with the children who were encouraged to hang trinkets and hand made objects on the treed, to leave message, and gain appreciation of others. From this another project was born where we introduced a free book club that then evolved further with DVD's added to the books that were available. this gave an opportunity for members of the community and their children to meet and discuss not only books and DVD's but also the local area, this allows parents to connect with other parents and for some this helped them to build their community support networks. The best thing about this during the Covid-19 pandemic was that it helped many people combat isolation during lock downing we believe that after Covid-19 this area will continue to grow and strengthen the community connect tons that have been made.

During the months of July (last two weeks) and August,  we were licensed to hold 12 crafting sessions, we arranged crafting sessions to help the children returning to school during these unsettling time as an easement and a routine for children   returning to school, these sessions were held outdoors as no building is available within the estate, we lost two sessions due to the weather, but of the sessions that took place 177 children attended plus 75 adults, these sessions proved to be extremely popular. We  could evidence that these sessions were hugely benefical to the children's social interaction and the same can be said for the adults. This was a hugely popular project which helped improve many peoples mental health and also allowed them to feel part of the community where they can access any additional support. This support has come in the form of Hu4 providing food parcels.

To move forward and continue to grow we need more seating options on the park suitable for the public use which is both durable and eco friendly. The picnic benches will provide somewhere for not only families to enjoy, but readers, crafters, chess players and families/ individuals wanting to enjoy a picnic or just peace and quite of the Park.All ages will benefit and all walks of life will enjoy and of course our animal friends have somewhere to shade under. On the estate there is a skateboard park, but only dragon Park for all age groups, to be able to sit in a well kept park and see all the beauty nature has to offer, within 18 months the park has gone from a over run Park to a place of colour and beauty  for the community to enjoy.

An in crease in seating availability would lead to more visitors, we have seen many visitors sat the floor on the edges of the raised beds, unfortunately in damp conditions options to rest in the park are limited due to lack of adequate seating facilities. We would expect that with ongoing work been carried out by HU4 the park will continue to attract more visitors and community base events, thus continuing to embed itself in the community.

Our aim is to make Dragon Park a fully recognised community park, for all ages and for all to enjoy, our legacy would be for the park to to be officially recognised as a community park and continue to grow and develop, bringing pleasure to many many families and visitors over the years to come. We see the park as an integral part of the community and we believe that it will continue to support those in nee, build realtionships and keep the young people of the community happy and entertained forbears to come. We can offer volunteering opportunities for people to help them improve  their work skills as they move into looking for employment and also for young people just starting out on their working life. We believe that over the next 5 years will be able to service the wider community with over 5000 plus per year benefitting from the use of the facilities with this number increasing each year by as minimum of 3%.

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856