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Groundwork Wakefield


Environmental & Business Centre, Merlyn-Rees Ave, Morley, Leeds LS27 9SL
East Riding of Yorkshire
LS27 9SL

springhead park golf club
East Riding of Yorkshire

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Groundwork Wakefield

Springhead Community Hub

Our Vision is for Springhead to be a for the whole community that supports and nurtures everyone

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Finishes on 16-06-2021

Since 2014 Groundwork have been managing Springhead Park a former municipal golf course that serves Hull and East Riding.  Our aim is to transform Springhead into a hub for the community where everyone is welcome. 

Prior to lockdown Groundwork has delivered a number of projects and services from Springhead which include:

Active Memories.  This provided a safe supportive and nurturing environment in which those affected by memory loss or living with other long term health conditions could socialise and participate in gentle chair based exercise.  Get Cooking and Active - enabling some of the most vulnerable to learn to cook healthy affordable food and participate in gentle physical activity to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing.  Annual Older Peoples fun days providing taster sessions, information on older peoples services and live entertainment.  Friday social event for the over 50's with free food, live music, games and comedy. 

Since Lockdown we have had to suspend this work but have transformed our coffee shop into an affordable home cooked meal delivery service daily delivering meals across the area from Brough to Beverley to the elderly and most vulnerable.  Families from as far away as Cornwall have come to rely on us to make sure their relatives get the support and food they need to stay safe and healthy during the COVID 19 pandemic.  These new beneficiaries have come to depend on us they look forward to their daily chats with our staff and cannot wait for a time when they can come to Springhead meet us and others and enjoy a meal and other activities.

Now as lockdown begins to ease we want to ensure we can build on the work achieved both prior to and during the pandemic.  We want to provide a hub where existing beneficiaries and our new ones are welcomed and supported.  Where they feel safe to meet with their peers and enjoy social distancing activities that help address social isolation and loneliness that have been exasperated by lockdown and the pandemic. 

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856