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Endike Community Care


Ashton Close,
East Riding of Yorkshire

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01482 809473

Endike Community Care

Picking up the Pieces

Picking up the Pieces is a project we are developing to help those who are suffering the effects of the COVID19 Pandemic which has made a huge impact on mental health, isolation, stress and anxiety

Funded to date: £0
£5,000 needed to reach goal of £5,000
0% funded
8 months & 1 day left
Finishes on 21-09-2021

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted greatly on peoples mental health. We are currently developing new ideas and ways on a therapeutic level to help and enable people to try and restore some normality back into their lives. Through performing arts, music and dance we will create a platform were people can express their fears, anxieties, feelings and emotions caused through this difficult times. We work with people who have different levels of dementia, but equally those with mental health problems. In addition our varied activities are geared towards restoring health and wellbeing. Our many activities include relaxing and mindfulness. Music sessions, gentle exercises, painting, quizzes and much more will help aid the road to recovery. We would like to see this project rolled out to the wider community and provide opportunities to those who are struggling and need helping hand. We don't have a quick fix and realize it will take time for people to pick up the pieces and come through. This project is there to help and support a shattered community. Our lives have been turned upside this past six months and no one really knows just what the future holds. Life is for living and this is what we are trying to show people. This virus has caused a lot of mental health issues and for many who were already suffering from the debilitating condition of dementia, this has had a profound effect on families and their lives. We have to work towards not letting this virus control us. Projects like ours will enable people to become stronger and more confident in order for them to live without fear, panic and anxiety over the issues and measures placed upon us. 

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856