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Emmanuel Church Bridlington


70 Cardigan Road
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO15 3JT

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01262 229503

Emmanuel Church Bridlington

Technology for Outreach at Emmanuel Church, Bridlington

Technology is vital in the digital age, even more now we are coping with Covid restrictions. Help us connect with each other and serve our community now and into the future.

Funded to date: £947
£0 needed to reach goal of £947
100% funded
Finished on 31-10-2020

Emmanuel Church Bridlington has a proud tradition of serving the whole community of South Bridlington, not least those who are vulnerably housed, struggling on benefits, elderly, hungry or homeless.  The work is underpinned by a loyal congregation of worshippers, who have been struggling with being separated since March.  In-person, socially distanced worship has begun again, but many elderly people are still shielding at home.  These have found our livestreamed Sunday services on Facebook and YouTube a lifeline.  Furthermore, relatives, friends and onlookers have also been joining us online, some from overseas, which has been very encouraging.

Now that we are back in church (some of us) and wanting to provide a quality livestream at the same time, we need new technology to aid us.  A webcam near the back of church (where the sound desk is) gives a very poor picture.  We are buying a video camera, laptop and connecting hardware so that we can continue to provide a good quality experience for everyone joining us at home.

During lockdown one of our two radio mics decided to break down and has proved unmendable.  Decent sound reproduction is even more important now we are streaming the services, so we are needing to purchase another radio mic system.  We will also need to route the piano keyboard through the sound system, so will need a Direct Injection (DI) box to do this.

The equipment will be used not just on Sundays.  This Christmas we are likely to be in demand for Christingle and Crib Services as much if not more than usual, yet we will only be able to accommodate safely a fraction of those who would like to attend.  Being able to stream these services online will be very important.  Moreover, as soon as we are able to restart Fun 'n' Food for local, vulnerable families, it will be good to have another laptop available for children and teenagers to use to do their homework - many do not have access to a laptop or wifi at home.

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856