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Beats Bus Records

Join The Beats Bus

Join the Beats Bus is a project to discover and mentor 5 young people on our record label.

Funded to date: £0
£5,000 needed to reach goal of £5,000
0% funded
Finished on 16-06-2021

Beats Bus are a multi award winning company we have gained awards in Hull International Carnival Arts Award Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce Hull Daily Mail runner up and our work has been endorsed by KPMG Michael Sheen June Sapon Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter John Prescott Tommy Coyle Dick Fontaine Lucy Beaumont (gave an example of how we have worked closely with them) ae present we are on Emma Hardy's website showing and pioneering the great work that we do. We are also on the gofundme website as the gofundme heroes after visiting us in Hull at our dj and music workshop were they did a photoshoot for their website.

We are unique in our practice having our mobile recording studio on wheels were we are able to travel to organisations youth projects and communities. Our hip hip workshops are very popular with the young people this is exemplified by the results we get.

 What form the activity will take? Online workshops through zoom teaching the elements of hip hop.

Who shall engage and benefit? Our core target audience will be between the age of 10 and 25 years old it will benefit people that do usually have access to the arts it will benefit the people that are linked to the young person for example a foster worker or parent will see the positive change that has developed. We feel it is urgent to roll out this work now as young people havent had the schooling or mentorship the deserve in 2020 so if we can change a few young people lives with the support we can offer this is why we feel it is necessary and urgent. With the current situations that we are faced with and the uncertainty of how the future will turn out it is vital to create a project that empowers people in feeling confident to take on new work education and life challenges. 

Describe the solution it offers? 

Results you hope for? 

We hope to be able to recruit 5 young people to work for the Beats Bus and hopefully put them through the 2 to 5 years Beats Bus mentorship programme. For the young people to be champions and lead as an example to their peers, The young people to be able to use the knowledge they have gained and transferable skills to help with career and work opportunities.  

The legacy you intend?

We can create rolls within the company were the young people are able to be employed and on the pay roll. This job roll we be unique and will be created specifically according to the work that will be delivered and the young persons skills.. They music and work they create within the programme will be very successful then progressing to become an artist in their own rights 

How will you evaluate the success?

Through use of workshop evaluation sheets before and after the project. Video and photography records, recorded zoom meetings. Individual feedback from young people carers youth leaders parents and participants.



Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856