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Young Talent Club

The purpose of this project is to bring children and emerging young artist together on a regular basis for common benefit of learning, performing and recording music. This project is an extension of our project to motivate, inspire and empower young artists with low self-esteem to believe in themselves and in their future. Our project offer children and young people the opportunity to network, learn from each other and develop their artistic skills with the help of a mentor. The project will focus on what the young people are interested in and how best their talents can be best progressed. We plan to run a weekly club for a period of 6 months so that our target group can benefit from a more consistent project. We plan to provide access to musical instrument such as piano, guitar, also enabling artists to communicate ideas, share skills, explore writing songs, make decisions and plan joint youth musical gig engaging with wider community groups.

Funded to date: £5,000
£0 needed to reach goal of £5,000
100% funded
Finished on 17-05-2022

The need for this project was facilitated following the evaluation of our previous similar projects, public consultations and recent youth engagement activities which was done online during the pandemic lockdown period. We know from our experience that our target group are more isolated, lack confidence and would benefit from using our project to develop their skills and stay out of trouble. We have started to receive more referrals and many young artists are willing to use our project. We are positive that this project will help more young and emerging artists with low self-esteem to gain more confidence to believe in themselves and in their future; will increase their social skills by engaging with others, gain more understand of working as a team and help artists to gain enough present in the community. Project will help more artists to stay positive tackling idleness and offering career progression route for participants. More importantly, young artists are able to develop their artistic skills by leading and learning something new so that they can be self reliance to work with limited supervision.

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856