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I.M.M.E Help make a difference

Welcome To I.M.M.E Which means Imagine making memories everywhere
Bringing new books to life and bring the adventure to them using Virtual reality.
So many benefits to I.M.M.E from Education, to health and mental health.

Funded to date: £0
£10,000 needed to reach goal of £10,000
0% funded
Finished on 24-09-2021

Welcome to I.M.M.E

 At I.M.M.E we are on a mission to help so many in a different and amazing way . By bringing books back to life by combining Tech and Virtual Reality all together to improve people life's, their well being, education and health. Lets take you back to the beginning of our story it is amazing.

I.M.M.E Is named after my daughter Imogen and her nickname is IMME. Imogen has Williams Syndrome and finds it hard to adapt to different scenarios from education, health and from trips out as a family. One day Imogen showed an interest in V.R because her brother was using one. Once she put it on she showed signs of anxiety straight away as she did not like the feeling of it. When i searched online they wasn't anything designed for children who are disabled to use V.R. So i took it upon my self as a farther to learn all the skills needed to create Virtual Reality worlds. After gaining all the skills i needed i started making Virtual reality shows for Imogen to enjoy and watch. The results were amazing to see. Imogen adored what she was watching and was really enjoying something that she couldn't use. Something extra special happened during a short period of time with Imogen using V.R. she started to learn from it, she started absorbing the information from around her in V.R. better then she would from learning in a class room. So we monitored it and started making more shows with numbers and words. Again she was learning from it but then we also started to notice something even more amazing, Imogen mobility skills were becoming much better . With the freedom of movement using V.R she pushed herself out of a walking frame over a course of time because the shows she was watching encouraged her to move around. From there we conducted research and changed the outlook of what we was doing and wanted to take it further so we could start helping other children. That is when we made it into a first of it kind interactive book where technology, books and virtual reality all meet in one. We made it our mission to create a wonderful learning books so accessibility was so easy for anybody to access, creating interactive shows to help in education. Making it adaptable to help in their well being and health. Proving a stronger mental health prospect giving them a world they enjoy. The possibilities are endless. Our mission is to gain funding so we can keep creating these books and take it further to help all children. The difference we are making is outstanding we have developed the tools to help change a life in a different way and the work we are trying to accomplish has not gone un noticed in the public eye with Design council making a wonderful video of my story to my work within my family which you can watch here it an amazing video.

Shortly after that video it went Viral people like Frame store studios and Deborah Meaden ( Dragons Den ) support my work and then got picked up by the BBC which then went international and to this day we have been noticed by the millions. I knew what i have created can help so many children not only in my local area but throughout England and the world. We got a great team supporting our work from creative, admin, financial plus many more. Also the support we have gained from frame store studios, Kids Charity, Barclays bank, C4DI, London University ( Dr jo van herwegen associate professor department of psychology and human development ), Steve Sherman Microsoft educator. GREAT TEAM to support I.M.M.E.

All the funding we gain will provide a stronger future to keep making the books and helping others but more importantly putting a joyful smile on their face. We started by helping one person my daughter which turned into a wonderful adventure to start helping others on a larger scale. We are I.M.M.E and we want to help change the life's of many. 

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856