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Dale Park Football Club

Dale Park Junior Football club provides opportunities for young people to access football training, friendship, confidence and fun for a small town and surrounding villages.

Funded to date: £0
£1,500 needed to reach goal of £1,500
0% funded
Finished on 24-05-2022

Dale Park Youth Football club is small town FA Charted football club that has provided footballing opportunities for years for young people growing up in the small town of Winterton and the surrounding villages. The club has worked hard with the community to create a safe space for the clubs to train, by working closely with the parish council to seek funds for new buildings, training facilities which can be enjoyed by everyone in the town not just the club.

The Club works hard to create a culture within the teams of pride and responsibility as they are representing the club and the town they live in, so  encourages and set expectations around behaviours on and off the pitch and when representing the Club. There are c 100 children who through a network of volunteers have a place to play football safely off the streets,  have the opportunity to work on developing their self esteem and confidence and keep healthy. In addition the wellbeing benefits of being around a team, playing in a team, being supported by families makes a huge difference to their mental wellbeing.

The club charges a very small annual subscription for players which covers our training venue costs, referee costs and insurances, we have worked hard to maintain a low subs so that we are accessible to all families and players. What this means is that each year the individual football teams try to seek out funding through sponsorship and fundraising activities to enable to teams to buy new kit and much needed equipment.  Competing with larger town teams makes its very difficult year on year to compete for sponsorship so inevitably it involves coaches and parents fundraising through raffles, game cards, bag packing in supermarkets and sponsored events. However a desire to keep subs low means that although this is an additional strain on the coaches, it keeps sub prices very low

Covid has taken a big toll on the club this year, in 2 ways. Financially as a club we have not been able to run our annual football tournament which provides much needed funds for the club and organisations who would usually sponsor us are unable to or are contributing less. However the biggest impact of COVID has been on the players through no fault of their own they have lost months of training and matches with their friends, months of physical activity and help with their wellbeing which has had a deep impact on their wellbeing. The club provides a  safe place to be and a structure to their hobby and as a club we are supporting our players out of covid and back to a new normal. 

This grant will enable us to continue supporting our players and their families, as we will be able to buy new kit giving them a sense of identity and belonging as well as equipment to train with.

Reg Number: 06455490 | Charity Number: 1125856